New Tires

When was the last time you checked your tires? Do you remember the last time you bought a new set of tires? If you do not know the state of your tires, it is time to check your tread.

If your tires are worn, you are driving on borrowed time, and if you need new tires for your vehicle, Roanoke Valley Auto Works can help you choose the right model based on the way you drive and where your travels take you. We carry a wide variety of tires, including the top names in the industry. Just drive into our shop and let us help you get the new tires you need.

Tire Rotations

Once those tires are on your vehicle, you need to care for them the right way. That means rotating your tires at every other oil change, a service Roanoke Valley Auto Works is proud to provide.

Following the recommended tire rotation schedule and pattern can extend the tread life of your tires and keep you safer on the road. You want your tires to wear evenly, and that is what tire rotation can provide. When it is time for your next tire rotation, just bring your vehicle to us.

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