Preventative Maintenance

As a resident of Roanoke Rapids, NC, you know how expensive it is to buy a new car. Even a basic set of wheels costs more than $10,000, and a luxury vehicle could set you back tens of thousands.

With so much money on the line, you have a vested interest in keeping your vehicle running as long as possible. These days, vehicles can easily rack up hundreds of thousands of miles, but only if their owners care for them properly. Preventative maintenance is the key – and at Roanoke Valley Auto Works, we want to be your preventative maintenance destination.

Routine Oil Changes for a Better Engine

If you want your engine to last, you need to care for it the right way, and that starts with regular oil changes. Most modern vehicle should have their oil changed every 3,000 miles, so check the sticker inside your windshield and see if you are overdue for your next oil change.

When it is time for your next oil change, just bring your vehicle to Roanoke Valley Auto Works. We will keep you on schedule, so your engine can last as long as possible.

Keeping Your Transmission Running Right

If you take good care of your transmission, it will return the favor. Caring for your transmission means flushing out the old fluid and replacing the filter, a service that Roanoke Valley Auto Works is happy to provide.

We know the right way to flush and fill your transmission. We know that the flush and fill must remove all impurities and debris from the transmission, and that doing it wrong could do more harm than good. We have the expertise it needs to service your transmission, so you can enjoy many more trouble free miles.

Extending Your Tread Life

Even a basic set of tires can set you back hundreds of dollars, and a brand new set of high performance tires will cost you even more. With so much money on the line, you need to make those tires last as long as possible, and that starts with rotating those tires regularly.

You should have your tires rotated at every other oil change, so check your schedule and bring your vehicle to Roanoke Valley Auto Works. We will follow the recommended tire rotation schedule and pattern, so you can extend the tread life of your tires and reduce your cost of ownership. We know how to treat your tires, and your vehicles, right, and you can rely on our experience and expertise.