Pre Purchase

Pre-Purchase InspectionIf you are looking at purchasing a vehicle from a private seller, or even a dealership, we can thoroughly inspect your vehicle to make sure you are getting what you expect, a vehicle in great shape! We are able to determine if any repairs will be required right away or even a few months down the road, such as new tires. We want to make sure you are making a good decision by buying that new to you vehicle.

Who Is Roanoke Valley Auto Works?

We are a full-service auto repair and maintenance facility with credentials to work on import and domestic vehicles, as well as RV’s and Medium and Heavy Duty trucks. Our ASE Certified Technicians mechanics provide you with professional quality you can trust.

The Road Test

Take time to do a Pre-Purchase Inspection on your vehicle with us at Roanoke Valley Auto Works. We know that you will be appreciative of knowing what you are getting into with a previously owned vehicle.

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