Brake Service

brake repairIt does not matter what kind of vehicle you drive, or where you drive in the Roanoke Rapids area. When you cannot stop, nothing else matters. Without a solid and reliable braking system, your safety is at risk, along with the safety of everyone else who shares the road.

When your vehicle needs brake service, you cannot afford to wait. Whether it is a tiny leak in the brake line or the failure of a major braking component, you need service right away, and you can rely on your friends at Roanoke Valley Auto Works to provide those quality repairs.

Are Your Brakes Making Noise?

Many drivers in the Roanoke Rapids area think that some brake noise is normal, but that is not the case. If your brakes are making noise, your car is trying to tell you something, and it is up to you to find out what it is.

One of the most common causes of brake noises is worn brake lining. When your brake lining wears down, it emits a distinctive noise, a warning that it is time for a replacement. If you hear an unexpected sound when you step on the brakes, you might need new brake lining. When you bring your vehicle to Roanoke Valley Auto Works, we will check the brake lining on each of your wheels, provide replacement if needed and send you on your way in safety.

Help for ABS Brakes

If your vehicle is a newer model, it probably came equipped with ABS brakes. ABS braking systems use a series of sensors and computerized components to stop your car faster than you could on your own and prevent the wheels from slipping on wet and ice roadways.

Those ABS brakes need expert service, and it is important for the technicians to have special training in their repair. At Roanoke Valley Auto Works, all of our technicians have that specialized training and expertise, so you can rely on us to provide the repairs your ABS equipped vehicle needs.

Preventative Maintenance for a Safer Ride

Your brakes need preventative maintenance too, and taking good care of them will keep you safer behind the wheel. At Roanoke Valley Auto Works, we can provide the preventative maintenance your braking system needs, keeping you on schedule and giving you extra peace of mind.

Just bring your vehicle to us for a safety check and examination of your brakes. We will check your braking system from top to bottom, give you a detailed report and make arrangements for any repairs you might need. We are dedicated to your safety, and we are always here to serve.

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