Brake Service


Brake Service
Most people don't realize it, but on most vehicles when you start braking whether to stop or simply slow down it is just a few square inches of material that is carrying the load of your entire vehicle. Needless to say, there is a great deal of stress placed on your brake pads and shoes every time you touch the brake pedal.

However, there is more to worry about with your brakes than just worn pads. Weak or leaking cylinders, boosters or brake lines can not only weaken your car's braking ability but can also cause your car to brake unevenly, making it hard to control in an emergency situation.
At Lake Gaston Auto & RV we have some of the most highly trained brake technicians in the area. They understand how much your safety and the safety of those around you depend on your ability to not only stop in the shortest possible distance but to maintain complete control while doing it. That is why; we offer a free brake inspection to anyone who comes into our shop.

Lake Gaston Auto & RV meets the stringent standards set by AAA to be one of its representative businesses. This gives us the ability to not only offer our industry best 36 months/36,000-mile warranty here in the Lake Gaston, NC area but nationwide.

If you find yourself around Lake Gaston and need your brakes to be serviced be sure and give us a call. You may come in the door expecting to just be a customer, but we guarantee you will leave feeling like a friend.
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